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Monday Motivation

Got a case of the Monday blues?

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I fell off the blogging band wagon last week, so let's play catch up...

Last week I was feeling a tad under the weather, but after some rearranging in the training plan, I still managed to get in all my mileage. 

Saturday, I had a long run to complete--5 miles. Last year at this time, 5 miles seemed trivial. I was running 4 to 6 miles at a time without thinking about it. Now, that seems like one heck of distance. But, when you keep the end goal in sight, it makes the journey easier. 

I woke up at 7:00AM on Saturday, made a cup of Joe, prepared my pre-run rice cakes (I will have to share the recipe later), scarfed them down, read the news, placed my ear buds in, laced up my shoes and headed out the door. It was a crisp 55 degrees and there was an eerie fog over the road. I remember telling myself, "Just run. No need to worry about pace or time; enjoy the run." 

Mile 1 my legs felt heavy, and I didn't know if I was going to make the full 5 miles. Mile 2 my muscles began to loosen. Mile 3 my mind began to waiver of whether I was strong enough to finish and if I should just turn around and head home. Mile 4 my breathing began to settle. Mile 5 my mind was determined to finish and my legs ready to empty the tanks. 

I finished the last mile at a 7:52 min/mi. My overall average for the 5 miles was 8:25 min/mi. I was satisfied and proud of myself for what I had just accomplished. If I could carry that pace for the half-marathon I would be ecstatic.


While 8:30 min/mi isn't lightning fast, and it is no where near the times I was running last year, I am constantly reminding myself that six months ago I could not run. Even if I wanted to, I could barely walk. 

You have to crawl before you can walk, and walk before you can run. 

How do I stay motivated to run when I wasn't as fast as I once was? My knee injury taught me a lot. I run for the love of it. I run to destress. I run to stay healthy. But, most of all, I run for those who are not able to. 

Everyday, every step, every stride is a blessing. 

What is your motivation? 


Yours in making every stride meaningful, 


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Lansing, MI

SSW at 6 mph

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