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"Work It" Wednesdays

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Yesterday, Jordan and I got stuck in traffic on the way home. When we pulled in the driveway it was 6:45PM and our stomachs were growling. We decided to eat dinner before our run, not only because we were hungry, but because temperatures were still in the upper 80s. A cool, night run sounded nice. After we ate, we noticed that the clouds were progressively getting darker. Checking the radar, it showed that thunderstorms would be rolling in soon.

Our food (roasted brussel sprouts, broccoli, pork, corn and salad) had a whole 30 minutes to digest before Jordan was prying me off the couch to hit the pavement.

Let's just say our stomachs weren't too pleased.

But, we managed to make it through at a solid conversational pace.

Today, I am running by myself. I have always found it hard to make it through a Wednesday workout. I'm not quite sure what it is. Something about the mid-day of the week. It always seems to drag on.

Running forward, I am naming the hump days of my training, "Work It Wednesdays."

Every Wednesday when I am feeling the drag of the beginning of the week, and the pull of the weekend, I will remind myself how important it is to work toward my goal. Keeping that finish line in mind, I'm ready to run tonight.


Yours in working for it,


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Lansing, MI

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