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See Jane Run

See Jane Run a Half Marathon

Training Begins Today

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Dreaming only gets you so far...

I've always said I wanted to do it. I've even trained for one. Yet, in my years of running, I have never done a half marathon. 

In 2012, I registered for the Grand Rapids Half Marathon. I trained for six weeks and was excited to see how far I could push myself and my limits. When I ran in the double digits for the first time, it was exhilarating. Two weeks before the half marathon, I ran 12 miles. 12 miles. Yes, even if you are a runner that seems like a heck of a distance. After completing that run at a comfortable 8:10min/mi pace, I knew I was ready for race day. 

But, then life got in the way. A big opportunity presented itself and I chose it over the half marathon. Six weeks of training down the drain. I did keep up with my running fitness, but I didn't hit the double digit miles anymore. I was probably in the best shape of my life. I would casually run 3-7 miles a day, while also mixing in some speedwork. 

Fast forward a year. On Thanksgiving Day 2013, I hit the double digits again. It was a snowy and slippery morning, but I managed to make it through with one of my relatives, who also happens to be my favorite running partner. Whenever I thought I couldn't make it or wanted to stop (which I did have to catch my breath after we ran up a monster hill during mile 11) he would say, "Dude! You've got this. Stop worrying about your pace, we are making great time. Enjoy the run." And enjoy the run we did. I remember that feeling when both of us looked down at our watches and saw our average pace per mile. I remember that euphoric feeling of being on top of the world. I remember looking at Andy, high-fiving him and saying, "Thanks for the great run!"

Then it was time to hit the shower, get dressed, and enjoy some Thanksgiving food with the family. 

Shortly after our run on Thanksgiving, I noticed an odd and painful sensation in my knee. But being the stubborn runner and athlete that I am, I ignored it and ran through it. Strike 1. A few days went by, I kept working out and began taking ibuprofen to get rid of the pain. Strike 2. The medication worked for awhile, until I was running on the treadmill and my knee began to grind on bone. Stopping the treadmill I tried to walk up the stairs and my knee gave out. Strike 3. I decided to give my knee a few days off from running and tried something else: Burpees. And...pop! Three strikes and you're out

I couldn't run for 6 months.

Not running for a week can put a runner in the dumps. Not running for 6 months, makes a runner depressed. I was not a pleasant person to be around, just ask my family. Always trying to push myself, I wanted nothing more than to run again. 

My body changed. I lost muscle. I lost hope. 

It took a long time, but I finally told myself that I needed to let my knee heal and lay off. 

Getting back into running after coming off an injury is very frustrating. (I also know this from fracturing my ribs two different years when rowing for the University of Michigan). It takes courage, strength and perseverance to get back out there and do what you once did. You have to remember why you started in the first place. 

I love to run. 

And so, I am making my dream a reality and running the Capital City Half Marathon in Lansing this coming fall. Not only that, I am training with one stellar guy who has helped rehab my knee and reminds me everyday of why I run.                                                 

Today, Jordan and I start our training for the half marathon. For the next couple of weeks, I will be blogging about the ups and downs of training (and there will be a lot). Thanks to my former cross country coach, I have a solid plan and am ready to get going! 

My question for you: Will you join me? 

Register and claim your spot today:

Catch me if you can, 



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