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Magic Balloon Easter Treats

Not Your Ordinary Egg

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Why buy plastic when you can be extravagant, creative and unique?

Pinterest is full of great ideas when it comes to the holidays. The Magic Balloon Easter Treats caught my eye as I was scrolling through. Instead of buying store bought plastic eggs, why not make your own that are more decorative and fancy?

This DIY project seems simple. All you need is a balloon, your favorite candy, craft glue, water and yarn. Insert candy into the balloon and inflate. Mix equal parts of craft glue and water. Dip yarn into the mixture and begin to wrap around the balloon until evenly covered. Once dry, pop the balloon and remove.

The end product is so cool!


Another great option is to leave the balloon free of candy so that you can use your yarn-made eggs as decorations--place them in a bowl or string them together to make a garland to hang.

 Happy Easter!



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