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Happy Gluten-Free Valentine's Day

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With love in the air, you are bound to find roses, chocolate and candy everywhere! 

Valentine's Day is right around the corner and while most people love to celebrate this hallmark holiday by showering their loved ones with chocolate and candy, the celiac and gluten free crowd dread this day. Pull out those reading glasses, it's time to read the labels! 

A lot of times people ask me, "Is chocolate gluten-free?" 

My answer is always, "It depends." 

While you would think that something comprised mostly of sugars would be gluten free, it's not. Like many other processed foods that contain gluten, it will vary by brand. Always, always, always check the company's website or read the label. 

For your gluten-free sweetie consider buying them Dove chocolates, Gimbal's Fine Candies, Hershey's Kisses, heart-shaped Junior Mints, Lifesavers Candy, M&Ms, Peeps, Reese's, Starbursts or Tootsie Rolls. 

Stay away from those conversational hearts this Valentine's Day because many brands are NOT gluten friendly. (Sweethearts by Necco is the only brand that produces them gluten-free.) 

Here is a list of candy that are definitely NOT gluten-free: 

  • Balmer Cuddly Cuties chocolate teddy bears and dogs (made on shared equipment)
  • Brach's candies, including the conversation hearts (as I noted above)
  • Elmer Chocolate boxed Valentine's candy (made on shared equipment)
  • Ghirardelli boxed chocolates (contain wheat and barley ingredients)
  • Lindt Lindor truffles (they contain barley)
  • Mrs. Field's assorted chocolates in a heart-shaped tin (contains wheat flour)
  • Russell Stover boxed candy (for the limited list of gift-boxed candy that is safe, see my article Gluten-Free Candy Boxes)

Show your loved one that you care by doing some research before buying! Nothing says 'I love you' more than giving them candy that they can actually eat! 

From one caring celiac to another--Happy Valentine's Day!



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