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DIY Chipotle

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Chipotle is hands-down one of my favorite restaurants. The staff is always welcoming, the line is quick, the ingredients are fresh, everything is customized to what you want, and it can be GLUTEN FREE! (If you are looking for a gluten free order just nix the soft shell tortilla. The chips and corn shell taco are made from 100% corn which means they can be enjoyed by celiacs and the gluten allergic crowd. An added plus, if you are worried about cross contamination, Chipotle employees are more than happy to change their gloves for you.)

What's my typical order at Chipotle? The burrito bowl. Depending on the day, I go for more lettuce or more rice.

My constant cravings for Chipotle got me thinking...I could do this at home, easily. 

I went online and looked up a recipe for Chipotle's signature cilantro rice, which is fairly simple to make. Cook white or brown rice as directed, squeeze in lime juice to taste, and add a couple of teaspoons of freshly chopped cilantro. BAM! Done. 

Next whip up your favorite protein: ground beef, ground turkey, chicken, steak, you choose. You can season it with traditional taco seasoning or be creative and mix different spices. 

More customizing left in your or pinto beans, hot or mild salsa, sour cream or guac, cheese or no cheese, onions, tomatoes, or all of the above. 

Enjoy your burrito bowl with a side of tortilla chips. My favorite are the Garden of Eatin' brand because they are certified GF and they offer a variety of flavors, including a  "No Salt Added" option. 

The great thing about DIY Chipotle is that you just need a few basic ingredients to get started, it's fresh and fairly easy. 

Yours in fresh and fast food, 



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