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Blender 'Buddy' Bottle

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Wake up, make a cup of coffee, get to work.

Now ask yourself, did you pack a water bottle?

We often forget that some of the fluids that we put into our bodies can be very dehydrating. In the summer months, it is especially important to keep the fluids flowing and water pumping through the body.

I love water, but I also know that my love for water is often related to what type of container it comes in. Athletes are very particular in their equipment, and I am no exception. Whether it's the perfect pair of running shorts, shoes, heart rate monitor, sunglasses, or hat, sometimes the frilly things help us maintain a healthy lifestyle. They can encourage and motivate us to exercise.

For me, it starts with my water bottle--and believe me, I have gone through many. Just like finding the perfect 'running' mate (my shoes), it is important that I find the best water bottle. May sound crazy, but my water bottle is like my buddy--I carry it with me wherever I go and rely on it heavily.


Introduce: "The SportsMixer BlenderBottle"

You may have seen the body-building men in the gym carrying the classic BlenderBottle, but BlenderBottle recently released a new sports-mixer bottle, which I think is quite feminine. By no means am I really into protein shakes, but I do like to have a shake or a smoothie every now and then for an on-the-go recovery meal. What sold me on this product was that the bottle seemed very durable and it was BPA free! Plus, 2-in-1 use out of one bottle: optional shaker and a water bottle? Now that it is a deal.

I have been using this water bottle for the past week, and I have no complaints. The cap snaps on  tight and it does mix whey or other add-ins very well.

Stay tuned for my favorite BlenderBottle recipe!


Yours in Blending,



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