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Farmers Market Field-Trip

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My boss and I had a chance to head down to the Farmers Market on the Capitol lawn in downtown Lansing today. You would think that the Midwest heatwave would keep people indoors--but the weather didn't stop vendors from making the trek to Lansing nor did it stop the crowds from coming.

The market was packed at 10:00 A.M.

I LOVE Farmers Markets. When I was little, I remember that my mom use to take us every Saturday. With a little rolling cart and lots of cash in her pocket, we would walk down the center aisle and pick up some locally grown fruits and vegetables. Blueberries are my favorite! There is nothing quite like a Michigan blueberry. When I saw these today, my mouth was watering and these flowers are so pretty!


The best part of going to a Farmers Market is that everything is fresh and local. Instead of buying produce that is hormone induced and slathered with chemicals, these food items are freshly picked from the vine and off-the-truck ready to eat. There is no doubt that homegrown foods taste better than store-bought items. The other great thing about buying local is that you are supporting the community.

From tomatoes to corn, zucchini, beets, onions, cherries, plums, nuts, cheeses, baked goods and so much more--this field trip was a success and had me already planning a recipe for dinner tonight!


And I was delighted to see some Ann Arbor flavor in Lansing today--a taste of home--Zingermans! There was also a vendor that specialized in gluten free and vegan products--breads, pastries & more!


If you have never been to a Farmers Market before, I suggest that you locate one in your community or one close by. You certainly won't regret it. If you are a FM veteran, what are you favorite buys?

In case you missed the 2013 Famers Market on the Capitol Lawn, find it FIRST ON FOX HERE

Yours in eating fresh and local,


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