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Sweet Treats to Beat the Heat

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Take a skillet out, place an egg in it, set it outside, and watch it sizzle.

The Midwest region is currently in the midst of a heatwave, and Michiganders are doing everything and anything to escape the heat.

I'm here to give you a recipe that won't cause you to break a sweat in the kitchen. With only two ingredients that are 100% natural AND gluten friendly, this healthy sweet treat will leave your mouth watering.

It's simple, easy & portable--I can't get enough of it. I have packed it in my lunch the past few days. 

Sugiyumyums' Frozen Banana-Butter Dips

All you need is 1 banana and approximately 2TBSP of peanut butter.

Use a knife to cut the banana into small bite-size pieces.
Place in a plastic bag or tupperware and freeze for 2-3 hours.
(If you are packing this in your lunch, I suggest cutting the banana and
placing it in the freezer when you get to work, or the banana gets mushy.)

Grab some peanut-butter, dip and ENJOY!

If you want to dress up this healthy sweet treat even more, consider eating it with some
dark chocolate bits, shredded coconut, or your favorite nuts! Experiment and make it your own!

Personally, I like to use PB2 or Just Great Stuff Powdered Peanut Butter--expect a post about these two peanut butter alternatives soon!

You stay 'cool' Michigan,


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