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'Relentless Experimentation' Common Ground 2013

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It's Monday and instead of rushing to and fro between interviews, passing out wristbands and promoting FOX 47 News, all whilst enjoying the outdoors--I find myself inside, in air conditioning, back at my desk and in the office. But, I can't complain when Mid-Michigan is currently experiencing a heat wave and last week was a whirlwind of crazy!

All last week, I spent my the majority of my afternoons and evenings covering the 14th Annual Common Ground Music Festival at the Adado Riverfront Park, and promoting the FOX 47 brand the best way I know how.

At FOX 47, the general manager encourages us to participate in what he likes to call "relentless experimentation." "Relentless experimentation" means coming up with new ideas that could be implemented to promote expansion and growth. Taking on that mindset keeps the FOX team motivated, constantly thinking, improving, and moving forward. Being new to Lansing, I was not sure what to expect when the Common Ground task was laid out before me, but I kept thinking that this was an opportunity to try some "relentless experimentation."

It proved to be a success.

As a "newbie" to the Common Ground crowd, I had no idea what to expect. I felt like I was being thrown to the lions and forced to fend for myself. But, I was able to harness my fear and learn how to swing through the jungle. Baby steps at the beginning of the week, turned into leaps and bounds by the end.

Through out the week, not only did I have the great opportunity to meet and interview many bands and artists, but I learned a greater lesson, and that is with confidence comes success. In order to go anywhere in life, one must learn that confidence will carry you through as long it is accompanied with a sense of drive and ambition. And also, you must be willing to try new things, embrace new ideas and not be afraid of failure. 

Each and every day at the festival, I was ready for a new adventure. Though it did take some time to get my bearings, I learned the ropes of Common Ground and I already can't wait until next year!

And of course, I have to let you in on my favorite and, or most memorable moment of this past week, which happened to be my first interview--Boothby Graffoe. It was most certainly one I will never forget. Boothby had me on my toes with his unconventional and comedic answers, but I enjoyed every minute of it. 

Check out the Boothby exclusive here.


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