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Jimmy Jane's Unwich

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It's 'Freaky Fast!' Jimmy John's prides itself in making fresh, fast, tasty gourmet sandwiches that are made and delivered freaky fast. I'm sure you've seen the car zipping around town, filling people's lunch orders as quickly as possible--but why pay delivery when you can make your own?

Jimmy John's is known for its signature french bread, but for the gluten-free crowd, we are left to no bread and only lettuce--the 'JJ Unwich.' Wrapped in lettuce instead of a bun, you ditch the carbs and are left with a refreshingly light meal.

The JJ Unwich is a great alternative to the regular sub, but beware if you are very gluten sensitive as JJ's can't guarantee that cross contamination won't occur. But, you can ask the employees to change their gloves before preparing your special sandwich! Though JJ's offers no specific gluten information, all their ingredients are fresh and wholesome, the deli meat they use is gluten free, but skip some of the sauces and cheese (stick to mayo, no sauce at all, or try the avocado spread--my favorite!).

Personally, I like to make my own 'Unwich' because it's super simple and I can customize it any way I like it. An additional plus, I do not risk cross contamination. Try a hand at making your own freaky fast sub at home. It is a quick and easy, portable, and makes for a great lunch or even dinner!

Can you say YUMM-O?
My typical lunch unwich includes turkey, cucumber, spinach, tomato, cheese and avocado spread. 

Jimmy Jane's: "The Sugiyumyums"
-take approximately 4 lettuce romaine leaves or use head lettuce leaves
-Boar's Head Low Sodium Turkey
-sprinkle of spinach
-mashed avocado
-2 grape tomatoes
-1 slice of Kraft Fat Free American Cheese

-take a piece of plastic saran wrap and place on the counter
-place your leaves of lettuce on saran wrap
-layer turkey, spinach, tomatoes, cheese and top off with avocado spread
-roll and wrap together

Modify the ingredients to make your very-own original unwich! Switch it up--try new combos!

Because the unwich is so low-carb and low-cal be sure to add some additional side dishes. My favorites include Fage yogurt with add-ins (berries/nuts/chocolate), veggies, and, or some fresh fruit.


Yours in Freaky-Fast Service,


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