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It's A Family Here At FOX 47

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Today I am celebrating my one and a half month anniversary as an employee at FOX 47. I am so very grateful to my boss, Stephanie Miller, for believing in me and giving me the chance to make my dreams come true.

Ever since I can remember, I loved to be in front of people and be on camera. I wanted my voice to be heard and my opinion made known. If you ask my parents, they will probably tell you that I was the loud child; always ambitious, my dream was to be a 'superstar.'

Even at a young age, I recall always wanting to watch and read the news with my Dad. Newspaper, television, magazine, you name it, I wanted to be in the know. My classical education from North Hills Classical Academy only fueled my yearning for knowledge. Being able to read and write well was something that the teachers and faculty drilled into me, and it has shaped me into the reader and writer that I am today.

During my time at North Hills, I participated in many speech meets, receiving top honors and awards, immersed myself in the drama department, pushed myself to add athletics to my school load, but most importantly, I learned how to do my research. It was in my Junior and Senior year, under the instruction of Dr. Peter VandeBrake, that my love for news and research really blossomed. In my rhetoric class, I was required to create and defend a thesis constructed solely by me. My Junior year, my topic was the assassination of President John F. Kennedy; my Senior year thesis was centered around the Korematsu v. The United States Supreme Court Case, in honor of my grandparents who were refugees in the World War II internment camps. To learn more about my grandparents, Executive Order 9066, and the internment of the Japanese Americans, visit my website here.

After doing tremendous amounts of research for both of those projects, I knew that being in the news industry was where I had to be.

Now, I know I made the right decision--but it wasn't easy.

After numerous of applications and interviews, my efforts seemed fruitless. I was sure that I would be moving back home and back in with my parents--until I met Stephanie Miller and the FOX 47 family.

In my first interview with Stephanie, what she was offering turned out to be my dream job. I had to have it. I waited for two weeks--what seemed like a lifetime--to hear back. And like all Cinderellas chasing their dreams, I ended up getting the job!

Though only part-time, I was welcomed by everyone. Here at FOX 47, we aren't just a company, we are a family.

After only being here a little over a month, I am happy and pleased to announce that next week begins a new journey with my family at FOX--next Monday marks my first day as a full-time Web Content Producer/Reporter. For me, coming in everyday to work is a joy because a job does not seem like a job when you are doing what you love to do.


Yours in a happy-sappy hump day,


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