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See Jane Run

A Rescue Family

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It began ten years ago. I remember begging and pleading with my Dad for months to let me get a pet that was not a fish. His answer was always a resounding--NO--until one of our family friends called offering a us their rabbit. The family could no longer take care of it and asked us if we could take it off of their hands. My Dad finally agreed, and so we rescued our first animal--a Holland Lop named Coco.

Coco was the beginning of many rescued animals in our family. After he passed, my Mom rescued a rabbit from another family who found a house rabbit in their backyard. The bunny had been let go by her owner and upon further inspection, she had been abused and mistreated. Her whiskers had been burned off, her hocks sorely wounded, and she was terrified of people. Not your typical velveteen rabbit. My Mom named the rabbit 'Nono' because when she became ours, she had 'no name.' Through months of nurturing, Nono has become a part of our family. She will now come greet you with a hello, and she is spoiled rotten. She is fed romaine lettuce, carrots, blueberries and fresh hay everyday. She also dwells in a three story 'bunny-condo' that my Mom built.

My sister, Mary, who lives in Milwaukee, also has rescued many pets. She has two rabbits, Renee and Momo, and a dog named Rufio. Mary has always had a love for animals. Her professional aspirations at a young age were to become a veterinarian, but she gave up that dream to pursue her true love for art. She is now a Fine Arts Instructor for the Walker's Point Center for the Arts.

My brother, Matthew, a graduate from the University of Michigan College of Engineering, just recently adopted a beautiful Husky named Wolfgang Amadeus--we call him Wolfie for short. Wolfie is a huge cuddler and loves to run and play in the snow!

Being the youngest of three children, I suppose I am next in line for rescuing an animal.

Dog? Cat? Bunny? Which one do you think it will be?
(Hint: 'See Jane Run'--means I need a companion pet I that I can exercise with.)

Our 'Rescued' Family


In the spirit of celebrating your pets,


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