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Finding The Perfect (Running) Mate

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Shoes are a girl's best friend...and in my case, that means my running shoes.

Every runner experiences the time when they have to trade in their broken-in sneakers for a new shiny pair. For me, this causes a lot of anxiety. After you train in a certain pair of shoes, you develop a relationship with them--you trust them to provide you with support, to be there for you step-by-step, to keep you stable on rocky ground--your running shoes become molded to your feet and you and your shoe become one.

Metaphorically speaking, I have always thought that picking out a good pair of running shoes is similar to finding the perfect mate.

Here's why:

My 5 Tips to Finding the Perfect Mate

1) Do your research. You have to do your research and get to know the shoe or the company before you can consider investing more into them.

2) Give them a try. You have to give the shoes a chance. Walk around in them a bit, get to know them and see if you like them.

3) Ask yourself some questions. Do they feel like they are a good fit? Are they Comfortable? Do they seem supportive? Do they fit all of your criteria?

4) Make a decision. Are you hooked? Could you see yourself wearing and training in these for the next several months?

5) Commit. Get ready for the adventure that lies ahead with your new mate!

Last week, I had to take a leap of faith. After training in two rounds of the Brooks Pure Connect, which is a minimalist running shoe, I wanted to try something new. I needed something that was a bit more supportive and durable. After talking to my cousin who is a running fanatic, like me, he mentioned that he gave the Saucony Kinvaras a try, and that he fell in love with them. He said that they were a very light, but very fast shoe.

I started to do some research and found that this shoe received rave reviews from runners! I decided I would give the Saucony Kinvara 3 a try; it sounded like these shoes wouldn't let me down.I had never placed an order for a pair of running shoes online but found this great website called Running Shoe Warehouse. They offer free two-day shipping and return shipping. They also guarantee 100% satisfaction or they will issue you a refund within 90 days.

The shipping for the shoes was freaky fast!

Stay tuned for an update on how my new mate is treating me!

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