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Ingenious Idea for Dyeing Easter Eggs

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Dyeing eggs was always a fun activity leading up to Easter. We would buy the dye tablets and my mom would fix up bowls of water with vinegar and plop the colored tablets inside. While the liquid seemed nice and bold, the eggs would never take on that deep hue.

Another problem? We used large spoons to delicately place the eggs into the dye, and bath them in the liquid, using the spoons to help slosh on color. The little wire holders that came with the kits were practically useless, and using the spoons was sometimes a dangerous proposition - one unsteady grip and the beautifully-dyed egg would fall and crack. 

Enter this INGENIOUS idea I saw on Pinterest from the Inner Child Fun's food section of the website, where you can use a whisk of all things to help hold the eggs steady and in place in the dye bath. 

Check out this photo from the website:


It's such an easy and obvious idea - but I had never thought of it before! Plus a whisk is something every kitchen tends to have, so there's no need to get something special. 


Happy Easter Egg dyeing, everyone!


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