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Mommyhood: Bye Bye Bottles, Hello Sippy Cups

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With babies, there is a lot of trial and error. What works best for one baby will have no effect on another, and this seems to be a universal truth for first-time moms trying to figure it all out.

Of course, as other moms have said to me, as soon as you get things figured out, the kids change. Now that Stella has turned one year old and the world of regular milk, table foods, and cups seems wide open, there is a lot more trial and error going on.

I feel pretty fortunate that when Stella was an infant, she took to her Medela bottles pretty easily. I know that it can be a struggle (and lots of trips to Target/Babies 'R' Us) to figure out which bottles work best. But when it came time for Stella to move on to a sippy cup, the struggle began.

We received different brands of sippy cups as gifts, and some Google-fu also led me to certain brands based on reviews and quality. Still, a lot of the popular sippy cups weren't cutting it for our little girl. 

Finally, I saw a thread on one of my March mommy groups on Facebook about the best sippy cups, and stumbled upon glowing review after glowing review for the Nuby brand. Aside from being spill-proof (this is legit. Stella tosses these around and onto the floor from her highchair, and there are no spills), the silicone spout is more reminiscent of bottles than the hard plastic spouts or straws on other brands.

I bought a couple of the Grip N' Sip cups with handles a couple months ago, and once I started adding milk to the cups instead of bottles, Stella was all about them.

A recent trip to Babies 'R' Us let me to the next version, the No Spill Super Spout Easy Grip model. These are slightly larger and don't have handles, but do the trick really well. 


Thanks for the amazing products, Nuby!

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