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Accessory Resurrection: The Cardigan Clip

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Thanks to people like the ever-fashionable Emma Pillsbury on Glee, retro and lady-like accessories are making a comeback. I've always been a fan of how her character dresses on the show, and one accessory in particular has become my new obsession: the cardigan clip, sometimes referred to as a collar pin.

Talk about something that has fun, fashion, and function in one. I used to love collecting brooches from vintage and antique stores, but I often had difficulty pinning them in just the right spot, or they would damage the knit of a sweater. 

I wear cardigans often, yet it's rare for me to button them up in the front. 

The cardigan clip allows for a cardigan to stay in place, while also acting as an extra something special to an outfit, like a great necklace or pin will do. 

On a recent trip to my favorite vintage store, Lost and Found Vintage in Royal Oak, I found two cardigan clips that cost about $15-17 each, including the one pictured above paired with my sequined cardigan. 

And while vintage stores and flea markets are great spots to look for these gems, I discovered a lot of beautiful and whimsical options on Etsy, including the anchors and foxes above (I'm really tempted to order the foxes clip today). 

When the warm weather gets here, whenever that is, I will be excited to try out my cardigan clips with my series of summery dresses and sweaters. 

Here's to a ladylike, vintage summer!


Photo Credit from top: Fox Flash, DapperandSwag on EtsyRenattorize on Etsy

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