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My Picks from the Peter Pilotto for Target Collection

Target helps bring Peter Pilotto's fabulous prints to the masses

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peter pilotto for target

 I've always been a fan of Target's designer collaborations - I'm even still bummed that they no longer have their line with Isaac Mizrahi. These collaborations introduce the public to designers they might not have heard of before, and also give fashionistas the opportunity to snag items at a fraction of the cost from their high-fashion favorites. 
I went mad for their Missoni collection in 2011 (so did others - the website crashed and items sold out quickly, before ending up on eBay at a high markup). 
I heard the buzz about the February 9th launch of their Peter Pilotto collaboration, and did some research on when people expected the items to go on sale online, which I think is the easiest and most effective way to grab exactly what I want from a collection without the worry of waking up early, getting in line, and discovering that someone isn't available at my particular store. Bloggers expected the clothing to be for sale in the wee hours of the morning Sunday. 
The Peter Pilotto for Target line is selling on both the Target website and Net-a-Porter, an online retailer that sells the top designers at break-the-bank prices. To be able to score something designer at $50 on Net-a-Porter is an accomplishment, so the fact that the entire Target line is under the $100 mark is pretty incredible. 
As it turns out, my 11-month-old crying out in her sleep was the only alert I needed - she woke me up with a cry around 3:30am, only to fall back asleep. In that moment, I remembered the Peter Pilotto collection would be launching, and checked both Net-a-Porter and Target on my phone. Sure enough, the items were up and available for sale.
I had already checked out the Lookbook for the collection, so my eyes went right to my favorite items: the Circuit Geometric Tank for $24.99 (top left), the black and white Round Sunglasses for $16.99 (bottom right), and the coveted Sleeveless Panel Dress for $69.99 (top right). With a few clicks on my iPhone, I was able to snag these favorites in a matter of minutes. 
I checked back on both Net-a-Porter and Target to see if items would begin to sell out, and sure enough, some of the favorite items began to disappear. 
Later Sunday afternoon, I ran out to Target for some groceries and decided to check out what was available from the collection at our store. Several items were there, although none of the ones I had ordered online, but I was able to try on a couple things that I hadn't been too sure about. I ended up getting the Short Sleeve Belted Dress (second from left), and can't wait to wear it this winter with leggings and then later this summer. 
After seeing some of the pieces in person, I'm really excited about receiving my order from Net-a-Porter. Fingers crossed that everything fits correctly - as it is, almost all of the items are sold out on both websites.
It's still worth a glance at the website and at your local Target to see if something is still available or ends up getting returned. 
All in all, another fantastic collaboration and yet one more reason why Target is a favorite!

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