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Baby Talk: Two Ingredient Banana 'Pancakes'

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Being a part of a mommy group, whether in person or online, is such a valuable resource for everything from sharing photos and milestones to asking questions and comparing notes. 

I belong to a Facebook group of moms who all use the What to Expect app and were expecting babies in March 2013. It's a great way of gathering moms from across the country who have babies around the same age. It was on my Newsfeed that I first saw something about banana "pancakes" made out of eggs and a smashed banana.

I've already fed scrambled eggs and bananas to my daughter Stella, now 11 months, so combining the two into a yummy pancake seemed like a no brainer idea to try. She has been getting better at feeding herself food, and pieces of pancake are easier to pick up and eat than slimy bananas and eggs. 

Plus, they're SO EASY to make.

Just mash a banana in a bowl, add two eggs, and mix together well until the eggs are scrambled up with the banana. I sprayed non-stick spray in a skillet on medium heat and used a measuring cup to pour the "batter" into pancake shapes. They cooked similarly to pancakes in the pan and were easy to flip and cook on both sides.  


Stella loved eating them! I broke them up into bite-sized pieces for her to eat - and I couldn't help giving them a try myself. To my surprise, they tasted very much like pancakes, and sweet from the mashed banana - not at all like the scrambled egg taste I was expecting.

I know one day we'll be making Stella plenty of yummy Bisquick pancakes, but until new foods like regular milk and flour are added to her repertoire, I think we'll be making lots of these yummy "pancakes" in the months to come!


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