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Loving: GrooveBook App

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When it comes to taking photos on a smartphone, it becames all too easy to let those photos pile up and not do anything with them. I currently have over 4,000 photos and videos on my iPhone, and 80% of them are of my daughter. I've printed some photos of her this past year, but not that many.

Enter GrooveBook, a fantastic app I first heard about when the creators appeared on ABC's Shark Tank - one of my favorite shows! There have only been a couple of products featured on Shark Tank that I've felt compelled to try, and after the episode aired earlier this month, I downloaded the app to my iPhone.

The premise is super simple: for $2.99 a month including shipping, you will receive a photo book in the mail each month of between 40-100 photos that have been uploaded to the app from your mobile photo library. For those of us who have taken the time to go to the store to print photos, you know that it can end up costing a lot for those prints, plus it takes time to select the photos you want and wait to have them printed. 

What I love about GrooveBook is that I can choose the photos I want printed wherever I am, and it keeps track of the photos I used the month before so there isn't overlap. The photos are printed in a stylish little photo book that is great as is, but the pages are perforated - making it super easy to tear out photos you want to share with others or frame. 



The pages also include a little time stamp that help me remember the date the photos were taken, which is very helpful for keeping track of special days and moments.




It's tough to beat $2.99 a month to have the ease of getting a photo book sent to my home, and having all of my special photos captured on my phone in physical form is priceless.

Learn more about GrooveBook on their website and download the app for free!

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