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Crazy for Cozy Cowls

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As a crochet and knit novice, my expertise doesn't go beyond making scarves. But after mastering the art of the cowl scarf, my crafting world is less square and more round. 

There are many reasons to love cowl neck scarves. For one, they take away the guesswork of how to drap/wrap/tuck a long scarf around your neck. Instead, they drape beautifully on their own.

For another related reason, there's no need to deal with the excess amount that often gets caught up in a coat, drags around, gets staticky, etc. 

And as someone who not only wears cowls but has gotten very much into making them myself, they take a lot less time to finish, making them a fun, quick and easy project. 

On Tuesday I bought some skeins of yarn and decided to try out a 15.50mm crochet hook, the equivalent of a size Q. Even though it's a little harder to work with, I love the larger, springy rows it creates. In the time it took to watch a Christmas movie on Tuesday night and Wednesday night, I created two cowl scarves. One of the yarns is a chunky mix of acrylic and alpaca, while the green yarn was 100% acrylic and very soft. 


To create these cowls, I created a chain of 20 stitches, and then double-crocheted 18 rows. To join the ends, I made a seam with a single crochet stitch, combining the ends together. I can't read/follow patterns very well, so I just made these up as I went along. Keep in mind I used a 15.50mm crochet hook, so the rows and stitches would need to be altered with a smaller hook.

By having the length of the scarf be slightly shorter than the width/height when worn, the cowl fits comfortably but not too loosely around the neck and scrunches down perfectly. 

Both the gray and the green scarves were made with one skein of yarn or slightly less. 


Crochet is one of my favorite things to do during the winter season, and with a project and as fun and easy as this, I think there are a lot of cowls in my (and my friends') future!  





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