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I'll Always Love The Verve Pipe

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Despite awful, snowy conditions, my husband and I braved the weather with his cousin Brian and partner Rion to see The Verve Pipe play at the Charlotte Performing Arts Center on Saturday.

Anyone with access to a radio and/or MTV in the late 90s should be familiar with The Verve Pipe, or at least their ubiquitous song "The Freshmen." 

The video above is from The David Letterman Show in 1997. The first time I saw The Verve Pipe perform live was when they opened for Barenaked Ladies at Pine Knob in the summer of 1999, and I'm only able to remember the year because my friend and I were on the brink of our freshman year. 

I started going to Michigan State in 2003, just a handful of years past the time when the East Lansing-based band played at venues around town all of the time leading up to their big break with "The Freshmen."

In the years since that time, the music scene has changed and so has the band. But Brian Vander Ark and some of the original band members continue to tour and perform, and I've been fortunate to see them play at Common Ground in 2011, as well as the Magic Bag in Ferndale the following year, and again this weekend for the fourth time.

What's wonderful is that while they've moved on to write some really amazing original children's albums, they still play all of the great songs from their early albums and sound the same - if not better! 

I was thrilled this past weekend to have the opportunity to meet Brian Vander Ark after the show. It's not often you get the chance to meet a singer you've been a fan of for nearly 15 years. 




If you aren't familiar with their music, I would completely recommend checking them out on iTunes or Spotify. In particular, these songs: "Cup of Tea," "Hero," "Never Let You Down," "Half a Mind," "La La." 

Also, these songs from their first kid's album, "A Family Album," are just fab: "Worrisome One," "Cereal," and "Wake Up."

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