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Baby's First Christmas Tree

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Christmastime has been especially exciting this year, now that we can celebrate with our daughter Stella. There are so many new things to consider, from visiting Santa Claus to a new stocking by the fireplace and her first Christmas tree. 

Because she was due in early March and one of our showers was scheduled for January, it seemed like a fun idea to suggest that friends and family bring an ornament to go onto Stella's first Christmas tree. Because of her name, star ornaments were most appropriate. We received so many beautiful and creative ornaments, including a star-shaped Santa ornament, many starfish, and even a fox with a star. 

Stella is nine months old now and very much on the move, so having our regular Christmas tree was going to be a challenge this year. We normally set it up in the family room in the corner, but it is a high traffic area and too easily accessible to her curious hands. 

We decided to just have Stella's Christmas tree set up in that corner this year. It sits comfortably on the side table already occupying that area, keeping everything a safe height. 

I love theme trees (we have two fox-themed accent trees by our mantel), and the variety of star ornaments given to us by our friends and family make Stella's tree an eclectic, fun addition to our holiday decor:



Depending on the time of year a baby is due, I think that this is a fun spin on a themed gift for a mommy-to-be at her shower. I've heard of shower gifting themes that revolve around diapers or books, but the timing worked to do something related to Christmas. 

Almost a year later, it was such a treat to revisit these ornaments and remember our special shower day, weeks before Stella came into our lives. 

Wishing you a Merry Christmas holiday from our little family to yours!

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