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Getting into the Christmas Spirit... Already!

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We still have a stack of Cinderella pumpkins on our front porch, and are finding strands of fake spider web in our bushes from Halloween, but now all signs are pointing to the Christmas season. 

I'm not one to steamroll over Thanksgiving, because it is still one of my favorite holidays. I usually gripe about the fact that stores stock up on holiday decor before Halloween, and that Christmas songs have taken over the airwaves before I've been able to get my first tastes of pumpkin pie and other fall foods. But this year, with our daughter's first Christmas upon us, I can't help but get beyond excited for the Christmas season.

Instead of being a Grinch about the Christmas displays at Target yesterday, I lingered in the aisles, checking out the trees, ornaments, stockings, and all of the other festive decorations. Target always does a great job of coming up with adorable decorations each year. One of my favorite things to do the day after Christmas is bust into the store shortly after it opens and scoop up the marked down merchandise. 

But this year, because I'm already looking so forward to the holidays, I couldn't keep myself from picking up some of the new items that were on display. 

When we first adopted our dog Zuzu, we wanted to commemorate her being in the family by finding a dog ornament that looked like her. Because she's a rescue dog, she doesn't really look like one breed or another, and our search for an ornament was futile... until we found a fox ornament. Zuzu looks like a fox, and it seemed like the perfect compromise. 

Soon after that, we began finding other fox ornaments here and there. Our collection has grown so much that we've started to put the fox ornaments on their own mini trees:





When I was at Target yesterday, I ended up finding not one, but FOUR fox ornaments by Threshold. Of course I couldn't pass them up:




They will all make great additions to our foxy Christmas trees at the house this year.

I also picked up a 4-foot tree for our daughter Stella to have as her own Christmas tree. At my baby shower back in January, guests were invited to bring a star ornament to go onto Stella's first Christmas tree. So many of our family and friends brought ornaments of all types and styles, and I can't wait to open up the boxes again and display the ornaments on Stella's tree.

It will certainly be a very merry Christmas this year, and I'm not even going to be ashamed of how ready I am to start decorating.


Christmas music, on the other hand, is a different story. I won't be having any of that until the day after Thanksgiving :)

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