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Mommyhood: Trying the mOmma Developmental Meal Set

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A short time after posting my Mommyhood: Nursing Mom Essentials blog, which highlighted several of my favorite items like Lansinoh's Nursing Pads, I received an email from Elizabeth Shea of Shea PR for Lansinoh Laboratories. She thanked me for mentioning them in my blog post and sent me a list of the full product line from Lansinoh, offering to let me road test some of their products. 

Now that Stella is seven months old and a couple of months into eating solids, trying out some of the products from Lansinoh's mOmma line made the most sense. 

Elizabeth generously sent me the Developmental Meal Set, which includes a warm plate, spoon, and fork, as well as the mOmma Straw Cup, which Stella will be graduating to in the next few months. 

What's great about the Developmental Meal Set is that it is designed to help encourage independent, safe eating. The ergonomic design of the utensil handles makes it easy for babies to grasp, and keeps the tips from touching surfaces. The warm plate has a chamber underneath to fill with warm or cool water, keeping food at just the right temperature.

Ever since starting Stella on solids (veggies, fruits, and rice cereal), we've just been using our own ceramic cereal bowls and a set of plastic baby spoons we bought at Target. This hasn't been the greatest option because there's the worry of the bowls getting knocked over and breaking, and they also get hot to the touch when we defrost some of the puréed food. 

Because it is microwave-safe, I was able to defrost Stella's puréed pears in the warm plate, and it never got hot to the touch. The plate's two compartments will make it super easy to keep foods separate. I also love the rounded design of the compartments, which helps me get every little bit of food instead of it getting stuck in the corners of a regular bowl. 

The utensils are also great - the travel cap can be placed on the other end to make it easier for me to feed Stella until she is able to use the utensils on her own. Simple, but smart design!

Here are some photos from our first try with the mOmma Developmental Meal Set:


The design of the spoon was super easy for Stella to grasp.

Stella's mid-morning snack of pears and rice cereal was a snap to prepare and serve with the meal set.


My thanks again to Elizabeth Shea for generously sharing these great Lansinoh products with me and Stella! I would absolutely recommend this set to new moms as they begin the transition into feeding their babies solids. 





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