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Mommyhood: Baby's First Cold, or Beware of Boogie Monster

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As a new mom, there have already been many times when I've had to rise to the occasion and face issues head on, even the most disgusting ones.

From tackling an array of types of poopy diapers to varieties of spit up and fluids, motherhood is quite a messy job. 

But this week my daughter Stella has her first of -- knowing her parents' proclivity to seasonal colds and allergies -- many colds in her lifetime. While the hospital gave us a blue bulb syringe to help clear her nasal passages back when she was born, this instrument of torture didn't seem to be doing the trick when we tried it. 

That's when I decided to run to Babies"R"Us and purchase a product I had seen during my baby registry days but couldn't imagine actually using: the NoseFridaIts tag line? The Snotsucker. 

So it had come to this. I was going to suck the snot out of my daughter's nose. But before you write it off as I might have in the beginning, know that this cleverly-designed and simple product goes out of the way to make sure the process is as clean, easy, and as protective-from-transferring-boogers as possible. 

Though I can't say that either I or my daughter enjoyed the process, it was relatively simple to use and did the job. If you care to watch the process, here's a how-to video:  



I'd liken using the NoseFrida to a Neti-Pot -- if you can get past thinking how disgusting it is, it's super helpful and makes you (or your baby) feel a whole lot better.

Another product I picked up at Babies"R"Us was Boogie Wipes - another product I had seen at places like Target during my registry days, but wasn't sure how necessary it would be for us.

What I like about these is that they were a nice accompaniment to the NoseFrida - instead of using a dry tissue that could irritate Stella's skin, these wipes helped me clean up her nose as I used the NoseFrida. 

The wipes have a natural Saline solution and keep the skin moisturized instead of drying up. They also smell really good for a product with Boogie in the title! 

We're only a couple of days into battling this cold and the Boogie Monster, but thanks to these products, I think we're going to make it out alive. 

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