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The Blackout of 2003: Ten Years Later

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Ten years ago today, millions of people in the Northeast lost power for up to a couple of days. Where were you when it happened?

On August 14th, 2003, I was a week away from moving up to Michigan State University for my freshman year, and I was getting my wisdom teeth out. Fortunately, the procedure was long done and I was home being spoon-fed a slushie when the power went out.

I think when people get their wisdom teeth out, it seems like the perfect opportunity to relax on the couch with pain meds and Netflix. Unfortunately, Netflix hadn't really been invented yet, and without power to sustain a TV or laptop, I was out of luck.

Unlike a neighborhood power outage, there was some comfort in knowing that 45 million people were also affected by the blackout. Sure, they didn't have Godfather cheeks, but they were miserable in other ways.


Comment below with your memories of the blackout!

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Lansing, MI

SW at 8 mph

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