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Life Hack: The Only Way to Eat a Cupcake

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Cupcakes are just about the perfect dessert: individually sized, sweet to look at and to eat, and whether they're a classic vanilla or something more adventurous like dark chocolate and bacon from Sugar Shack in Lansing, pretty much always delicious.

But it wasn't until recently that I realized the way I'd been eating cupcakes my whole life was all wrong. 

Unlike a slice of cake, with its size uniform throughout, a cupcake is typically much wider at the top than at the bottom. Where does the frosting go? On the top. And that top-heaviness paired with the narrow, spongy base of a cupcake makes for an uneven eating experience.

The cake-to-frosting ratio is just always a bit off.

It took seeing a technique, or "Life Hack" as these simple fixes are now often called, to realize that there's an easy way to manipulate a cupcake to make it the best eating experience ever.

After removing the paper from a cupcake, gently pull off the base of the cupcake, and press it onto the top, creating a cupcake sandwich. This allows the perfect distribution of frosting, and also makes eating a cupcake much less messy!

Instead of taking a bite into a layer of frosting, getting all of that sweet sugary-ness all over, each bite of cupcake is two parts cake to one part frosting.



Lo and behold, the perfect way to enjoy a cupcake!

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