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Loving: The Honest Company

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When two of my closest cousins (who are also sisters) gave birth to their daughters a month apart in early 2012, I remember them telling me all about The Honest Company. The premium, environmentally-friendly child product company was developed by Jessica Alba and launched in January 2012, and features some wonderful products - especially their adorable, printed diapers.

My cousins would show me the diapers covered in cute designs like lollipops, flowers, and leopard print, and told me that whenever I had a baby, I'd have to give them a try.

One of the best things about The Honest Company is that diapers and wipes can be bought in bundles and shipped directly to your home each month, and the cost is comparable to what you'd spend on other brands in the store. The diapers are biodegradable, and don't have that chemical smell the way other diapers do.

When I became pregnant last summer and had my baby Stella in March of this year, I perused the Honest Company's website and decided to buy a couple packs of the newborn diapers to try out when Stella was born. We also received several other brands of diapers from my coworkers during a shower, so it was the perfect opportunity to try different brands and see if The Honest Company was really all that special.

Not only did the diapers fit better (no saggy diaper butt for that girl!), they didn't irritate her the way some of the other brands did. I signed up for a subscription to their diaper bundle service and have been receiving packages like the one above for the last few months.

In each diaper bundle, you receive packs of wipes and a set amount of diapers, which is based on the size/age of the baby. You're able to select from their array of patterns as well. Some of my favorite patterns have been the dinosaurs, purple leopard, and anchors.

As part of their newer summer patterns, I received these strawberry print diapers in my latest bundle: 



They are just too cute!

When it comes to taking care of a baby, changing diapers is pretty low on the fun list. That's what makes the diapers from The Honest Company wonderful - they bring a smile to my face, and knowing that the products are good for my daughter and better for the environment makes them one of my favorite things as a new parent.

Check out The Honest Company website to see their products for yourself. I'm looking forward to testing out their sunscreen later this summer!

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