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Obsessed: Grilled Artichoke Sub at Penn Station East Coast Subs

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Living and working in the areas around the wonderful college town of East Lansing, Michigan, there are always plenty of quick food options at my disposal. As an MSU student in the dorms, we lived and died by the freaky fast delivery of Jimmy John's. And to this day, it's tough to compare anything to a good old #4 Turkey Tom with avocado.

But just a couple of weeks ago, my friend Danielle suggested we meet at Penn Station East Coast Subs in Frandor for lunch. Little did I know what awaited me was one of the best subs, let alone best sandwiches, I've had living in the land of subs and sandwiches.

The Grilled Artichoke sub is on Penn Stations "lighter options" menu, and is a great choice for anyone who is a vegetarian, avoiding meat (I've found a great option on Fridays during Lent!), or wanting something different than the typical sub.

It features artichoke hearts, provolone, oregano, parmesan, and mayo - fresh mushrooms are an additional option, though I prefer my sub without them.

What sets Penn Station East Coast Subs apart from the others for me is the quality of their bread and how perfectly it gets grilled/toasted. There is a slight crusty crispiness to the outside of the bread while still remaining soft and pillowy in the middle.

Their fresh-cut fries are reminiscent of offerings at other chains that typically deal in the burger business - I love that these fries are fresh and delicious and give you an option other than the typical chips that accompany a sub sandwich.

A 6-inch Grilled Artichoke sub with fries and a drink runs about seven dollars, and is more than enough food for lunchtime.

Today was my second visit to Penn Station and this time I ordered their fresh-squeezed lemonade with my Grilled Artichoke and fries combo. My tummy and I are happy to report that the sandwich was just as delicious the second time around.


Penn Station East Coast Subs is located on East Saginaw at the corner of Clippert, just on the outskirts of the Frandor Shopping Center. Although you can get your sub to go, I'd completely recommend eating in to fully enjoy the freshness of their fries and hot subs. They also have a location in Novi, near the intersection of Novi Road and 10 Mile.


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