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My Top 5 Pregnancy Must-Haves

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At 32 weeks with about 8 to go, there have been some real life-savers and product discoveries that have made pregnancy more comfortable. Here are my top five must-haves I'd recommend to any pregnant lady out there.

pregnancy must-haves

  1. LUSH Therapy Massage Bar. As I entered my second trimester, I began to feel as though the skin around my abdomen was always dry and just beginning to stretch. I'm a fan of LUSH products already, and I stopped in to ask about the best thing to help keep my growing belly moisturized and comfortable. This was the first thing one of the sales girls recommended for use during pregnancy, and I've used it every day since. The LUSH Therapy massage bar begins to "melt" with body heat, leaving a trace of neroli and lavender oils along with other butters on your skin.
  2. Via Spiga Cape. With a March due date, much of my pregnancy has been/will be in the cooler winter months. I already own more coats than a person possibly needs, so to buy a "maternity" coat for the winter that wouldn't get a lot of use seemed like a waste. A cape was the perfect solution - something I can wear at any size during pregnancy and also enjoy post-pregnancy. I found this one at Macy's during a sale weekend in early fall, and I love everything about it - from the electric blue satin lining to the asymmetrical zipper. When it's very cold I still wear my puffy North Face coat and only button the top, but this cape has been perfect for work, when I only spend a few moments at a time out in the cold.
  3. Boppy Total Body Pillow. At about 29 or 30 weeks, I finally started to feel uncomfortable in certain positions, whether sitting or trying to sleep. I had seen these pillows at the Destination Maternity store when buying clothes, and thought it would be a helpful solution for sleeping in my final trimester. My mother-in-law bought me one for Christmas, and it has been wonderful. This pillow gives great support and makes side-sleeping more comfortable.
  4. TOMS Women's Classics Canvas Shoes. I'm such a fan of TOMS shoes, and if we didn't have the recent snow/ice in Michigan, I'd be wearing mine pretty much every day this winter. I love how comfortable they are, and how they've been able to stretch as my feet swell every so often. I'm already klutzy by nature, so having a shoe that is lightweight, not bulky, and doesn't require lacing up has been perfect for me. My favorites are these bright red canvas ones.
  5. A Pea in the Pod Maternity Leggings. The foundation piece for all of my layering this fall/winter! Leggings are always comfortable, but the wonderful thing about maternity leggings is that they go up well past your ribcage. Instead of feeling like they cut you right in the middle or create an unwanted indent across your stomach, they always feel comfortable and stay put nice and high. The jersey knit also feels nice, and for as much as I've worn and washed these, the quality of the material and color hasn't changed. These are pricier than some other options, but the frequency in which I wear these means I am definitely getting my money's worth.


So, aside from my pregnancy obesssion with Wendy's Chili, these are my five must-haves.

Is there anything you couldn't live without while you were pregnant? Comment below!

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