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Winter Day Activity: Making Mosaics

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While half of my family - specifically my husband and some of my in-laws - was interested in seeing The Hobbit the day after Christmas, my mother-in-law and youngest sister-in-law were fine with doing something on our own.

The perfect snowy day activity ended up being visiting Art Unlimited in Okemos to make mosaics. I've used this wonderful art studio to paint pottery as well as take pottery classes in the past, but what I love about making mosaics is that you can take the project home the same day.

I did not realize that you can bring your own items from home as a base for the mosaics, so next time I might bring in a couple of plain vases I've kept after receiving flowers. But there were some good choices for our mosaic bases, including a block 'S' for Michigan State and picture frames.

Using all of the great tiles, glass pieces and beads at our disposal, we spent nearly two and a half hours gluing items to our pieces.

Here's the end result, before adding the grout (which needs to happen 24-48 hours after gluing):

My piece is on the left, followed by my mother-in-law's frame and then my little sister-in-law's Spartan 'S'.

The total for all three ended up being around $100, but that included the base pieces, all of the materials, and the grout. For an extra $7 a person, we could have left our pieces at the studio for them to grout for us. Considering what these items might cost to purchase in a store, the price is very reasonable - plus it makes it much more special to be able to say we created them ourselves.

Our afternoon at Art Unlimited was so much fun, and we have three beautiful mosaic pieces to show for it. I'd completely recommend doing this type of craft on a snowy day.

And it seems like there'll be many more opportunities this winter.

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