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Crochet Craft: Ear Warmer Headband with Bow

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As I've written about before, I'm anything but an expert crochet chick. My skills reside in creating square or rectangular things, such as scarves and blankets.

I also get bored with crochet and knit projects easily, wanting to finish them quickly instead of taking days or weeks at a time to have a finished product at the end of it all.

Which is why I'm shocked that it took me so long to realize the simplicity and yet wonderfully whimsical world of crochet headbands/ear warmers.

They require the same skills I already have in terms of creating a rectangular shape, and one of the new skills I've added to my small arsenal is using a slip stitch to join two ends together (forget crocheting/knitting in the round - maybe I'll save learning that for next winter.)

For the headbands, I create a chain of 8-10 stitches (depending on the width I want for the headband), and then do approximately 21 rows of double crochet. In terms of needle size, I tend to prefer a J or K. For the particular yarn I was using, 21 rows with a J needle was just long enough for the headband to stretch enough over my head without being too loose or too snug.

The other skill was learning how to make a crochet bow to add to the headband. Originally I wanted to learn how to many crochet flowers, but couldn't find a tutorial online that was easy enough to follow. And besides, bows are just so sweet and fun that they become quite the cute addition.

I found a wonderful tutorial on YouTube for how to create a crochet bow, and it was very easy to follow:

By using my larger needle, the crochet bow ends up much bigger and fuller for the headband, which I like. In the project pictured above, I crocheted with two different types of yarn at the same time to create a multi-colored, thicker bow.

To attach the finished bow to the headband, you can either use a safety pin, making the bow detachable or interchangeable, or as I did - tie it to the headband with the excess yarn from the middle of the bow.

In total, I've been able to create a headband and a bow in about an hour and a half. I'm excited to try out new color combinations and different needle sizes to create different kinds of headbands.

The bows could also be fun on regular headbands, pins, and yes, even scarves.




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