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Baby Talk: Booking the Babymoon

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Sure you've heard of a honeymoon, but what about a babymoon?

It seems as though the phrase and trend of taking a babymoon has entered the universe fairly recently, but also makes a lot of sense. At a certain point, expectant mothers aren't able to travel on an airplane and are also encouraged to stay closer to home as the due date approaches.

The babymoon can be seen as a last hurrah, a final opportunity to spend time together as a couple before the baby arrives. Celebrities have popularized the idea of a babymoon. Vanessa Minnilo and Nick Lachey went to St. Lucia. Hilary Duff went to Hawaii. Holly Madison went to Disneyworld. Natalie Portman spent a weekend in Napa after the Oscars.

For the last month or two, my husband and I have been considering options for taking a vacation in early 2013 before any travel restrictions linked to my pregnancy. With the time of year being smack in the middle of winter, a warmer climate was going to be ideal.

The places in the United States that are on the top of my "must go" list are San Francisco and New Orleans, but unfortunately those places would both require a fair amount of walking around and general touristy behavior. Is that the kind of trip we'd want to take at this time? Do I want powdered sugar from Cafe du Monde beignets all over my ever-expanding belly? (Yes, I imagine it would be worth it.)

Something more relaxing felt like a better fit. We considered areas of Florida and even leaned towards San Diego, but in January the average temperatures were in the mid-60s for that part of SoCal.

But finally, my husband found the perfect getaway for a babymoon by - who would have thought - Googling "babymoons."

We will be spending a long weekend in Sedona, Arizona at a hotel nestled in the heart of the Red Rocks. The area offers fine dining, beautiful views, relaxation, and the hotel's spa has a bevvy of services, including a maternity massage. Bonus! It will be the type of wonderful, quiet getaway we most likely won't have again for a long time.

Even though I'm already dreaming of our family's first trips to Florida and Northern Michigan together, enjoying a bit of the West seems like a great way to celebrate our approach into parenthood.

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