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In the Mood for Crochet

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I first learned how to crochet when I was about 10 or 11 years old, from a woman named Vi. She cleaned our house and would often stay with me and my brother when my parents would go out of town. Vi always had crochet projects going when she'd stay with us, and I remember how she'd sit with Megabucks Giveaway and Wheel of Fortune on the TV at night and crochet for hours.

It was so rhythmic and so seemingly easy for her, and I wanted to learn how. After teaching me the basic stitches and helping me pick out the best beginner yarn and needle, I was set.

The first thing I ever crocheted was a blanket for my cousin Ashley, who could have only been a year or two old at the time. It almost looked like a French flag with a large segment of white, a segment of varigated rose, and a segment of varigated blue. I was so proud of this crocheted creation and felt like it was such a special gift to give to my aunt and uncle for my cousin.

Since then, I haven't branched out beyond crocheting scarves for myself and friends and family as gifts. I'd love to learn how to do a hat or even a cowlneck-style scarf, but tutorials aren't nearly as helpful for me as learning from a person.

And although I learned how to knit in high school and also find it to be a relaxing, enjoyable activity, it doesn't have the fast pace and payoff of crochet to me.

Some of my coworkers here at FOX 47 have been talking about crocheting the last couple of days, and just the thought of cozying up to a new project inspired me to visit Michael's on my lunch and buy yarn.

I was able to find a fun fuschia color on sale, but also bought several skeins of this soft, pale aquamarine color to make a blanket for baby girl Pohl.

I can't wait to get back into crocheting this season, and this blanket project will be just another way to get excited for her March arrival.

I'll be an Election Night widow tonight as my husband will be following the results throughout the evening at their office, so tonight seems like a great night to start my project with some comfy clothes on and a nosy dog checking out what I'm doing every couple of minutes.


I'll be sure to post about my progress with the blanket and fuschia scarf as they come together.

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