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Halloween Costume 2012: Binder Full of Women

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Pop culture always provides great fodder for Halloween costumes, and that is usually where I draw inspiration for Halloween costumes. From being Julia Child the year Julie & Julia was released to Margot Tenenbaum, Patty Mayonnaise, and Lucy Van Pelt, I've always enjoyed dressing up as people or characters I love.

In presidential election years, the debates have also provided plenty of fodder. In 2008, it was all about dressing up as Sarah Palin and/or Bristol.

And this year, the company that manufactures the popular Big Bird costumes could never have anticipated the demand following the first presidential debate, and sold out of the male and female versions of the big yellow guy well before Halloween.

I knew that my husband was going to be Mitt Romney this year - they're both equally blessed with that Mad Men-esque dark hair and side part - but dressing up as Ann Romney didn't seem all that fun or interesting.

So after the second debate when Romney's comments about "binders full of women" went viral, I knew what I had to do. I would be a woman in a binder.

Three pieces of foam board, two colors of duct tape, and a perusal of my old Cosmopolitan magazines for collaging gave me my first truly homemade costume since my mom helped me be a red M&M in elementary school, before stores wisened up and made actual M&M costumes.


I wasn't very mobile with this Halloween costume - usually comfort is an absolute must for me on Halloween - but fortunately I spent the evening at a friend's house as opposed to a crowded bar or club.

And I must say, duct tape is quite an amazing product. The silver duct tape on my white shirt served as the three rings of the binder, and by doubling up strips of the red duct tape, I was able to create backpack-like straps for me to wear the "binder" around pretty comfortably.

In the days leading up to the weekend I had a tough time imagining how I would pull off this costume, and only bought supplies Friday night for Saturday's party. But some good old-fashioned collaging with a glue stick and Young Frankenstein on in the background helped, along with an extra hand from my husband and the wonders of duct tape.

This costume is one of three things I'll be dressing up as this year - as my husband asked, "What would you do if you only dressed up as one thing for Halloween?" - but it's definitely the most work I've put into a costume in years.

Later tonight I'll be volunteering at Downtown Lansing's Trick-or-Treat on the Square event, passing out candy as Ursula the Sea Witch.

It made sense - I had to use up that can of white hair spray I bought for Zack's Mitt Romney sideburns somehow:

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