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Fall Fashion Forecast: Textured Knit Sweater Dresses

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Over the weekend I went through the somewhat depressing task of putting my summer dresses into hibernation for the fall and winter. It can be sad to imagine that it will be months until I'm able to wear them again, either on vacation or on those first beautiful days of spring, but this quickly-cooling weather of October has introduced a new type of dress to my rotation: the sweater dress.

Stephanie and I wore similar styles to work today, and as you can see, it's all about the cowl necks, short sleeves, and textured knits. The cowl neck gives the feeling of a full, cozy scarf around your neck; the short sleeves allow for layering and not getting overheated while indoors; and the textured, chunky knits add more interest than a simple single color.

My dress (on the right) is by Alfani and can be found at Macy's. I love this style because it's stretchier and has more give than other stiffer sweater dresses I've worn in the past, making it a perfect "maternity" dress for my transitioning belly.

Stephanie suggests looking at Burlington Coat Factory and other local department stores for the latest styles.

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