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One Year Older, Maybe a Little Wiser

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At 27 years old, and on the verge of becoming a mom in the next year, I feel that I've learned some undeniable truths when it comes to birthdays. In no particular order:

  • I have the best family I could ever ask for, and whether I'm 7 or 17 or 27, my mom will still find something wonderful or off the wall as a present, and will make my favorite cake in the world: white cake with almond-flavored frosting.
  • My mom's cake is pretty boss.
  • I have a husband who continues to spoil me with his generosity and kindness. My birthday has always been a special day to me, and he has - for better or worse - carried on the tradition my mom and dad created of making me feel quite special on September 29th and the rest of the calendar year, too.
  • The weather will be beautiful on September 29th. You can set your clock to it.
  • No matter what's going on in their lives, my friends are there for me. I had the honor of standing up in my friend Julia's wedding on Saturday, which also happened to be my birthday. Even when she was setting the date, Julia wanted to make sure it was okay that her wedding date fell on my birthday. In the end, it meant the opportunity to spend a very special day with many of my closest friends. That's what "birthday weeks" are for, right? Not to mention, Julia and her husband Ben were extremely sweet and had the DJ acknowledge my birthday before getting everyone to sing to me. The day was a good lesson in knowing that life continues to move and grow and change around us, and a day that's always been "my day" is shared with a wonderful couple from now on. And that's pretty special.
  • By the time next September rolls around, I'll have a very important person helping me celebrate. I can't wait to have Baby Pohl there for the festivities.

All in all, it was a wonderful weekend of celebrations and there's not much more I could wish for. Although that didn't keep me from making a wish in the photo above.

I won't say what though!

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