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Woe Is the Apple Cider Lover

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FOX 47 ran a story on the news last night about the rise in apple cider prices, and it's just the latest in a string of bad news for local farmers and vendors.

Just this weekend at the Meridian Farmers Market, I overheard one of the ladies from Sweetie-Licious Bakery in DeWitt tell some customers that their apple pie prices are going up $5 due to the cost of apples this year.

I'm an apple lover, but especially in the fall and winter months. There's no apple I love more than a perfectly wonderful Honeycrisp, and I've already indulged in many over the last couple of weeks.

I'm also an apple cider lover, and a cider mill donut lover, and my fear for this fall is not that I'll need to spend a few extra bucks for my cider fix, but that the rise in costs will dissuade costumers from flocking to the local cider mills.

While I'd certainly appreciate the shorter lines, I hope that the latter won't be the case.

Going to the cider mill - for me, the best will always be the Franklin Cider Mill in Franklin, Michigan - is one of the traditions I've maintained throughout most of my life.

I'll never forget our kindergarten class going for a field trip and learning how the cider was made before indulging in a greasy bag of those wonderful donuts. I'll never forget my high school advisor Mr. Ladd taking our advisee group out for a Franklin Cider Mill run around my birthday when we were supposed to have our advisor meeting during the school day. I'll never forget the dozens of ducks in the little river stream that runs through the mill, or the bees that often make visits brief or spastic.

I hope that all who love cider will continue to go to their favorite cider mills this fall and enjoy something that not everyone in the country has to look forward to each and every year.

People have no trouble with throwing down $9 on a cocktail, or at least aren't kept from drinking at that price.

At 17 weeks pregnant, I won't be ordering wine or cocktails at restaurants and bars for the next foreseeable months - what's another few bucks to enjoy something as wonderful as apple cider?

When I'm home this weekend to celebrate my birthday and more importantly my friend Julia's wedding, I'll be making a special trip to Franklin on Sunday for my cider and donut fix!


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