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A Very Carrie Discovery

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As a 20-something with a serious love for the Sex and the City series, I've found that I can sit and watch rerun after rerun and still not get sick of the show. Even if the episodes are edited down and not even near their fullest glory, it's like a wonderful sugary treat to watch them.

I helped host my friend's bachelorette weekend at my parents' cottage, and got home yesterday absolutely wiped. What could have been better at that moment but to find episodes of Sex and the City airing on E! back to back to back.

But soon I discovered something sweeter. Carrie, whose closet and wild fashion sense I covet and oftentimes wish I could replicate, was wearing a fabulously bold dress I somewhat remembered from my repeated viewings of the show. And it was a dress that I own.

Not just any dress that was bought at a regular store, or a dress that I bought because I saw it on the show. This was a vintage dress I scooped up this last year at one of my favorite vintage stores, Chi Chi and the Greek in Waterford.

And by goodness, Carrie's was the same one. The cut is slightly different at the top, but the pattern and style is exactly the same.

It inspires me to take that dress, pull my hair up into a big old bun, and pile on a big beaded necklace.



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