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Christmas in August: MSU Football Tickets Have Arrived

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It was a happy dance moment today when I looked in our mailbox and found a large envelope from the Jenison Field House. It could only be one thing: our MSU Football season tickets.

For the first time in three seasons, my husband and I decided to upgrade our alumni tickets at Spartan Stadium and move to another section.

From 2009-2011, we watched big moments from section 19.

Kirk Cousins threw his Hail Mary pass to Keith Nichol - the screams and cheers from the fans on the other side of the stadium were our only indication that the ball was actually caught and, after an agonizing review, crossed the goal line.

Michigan State dominating U of M in their Nike Pro Combat uniforms.

The fake field goal that turned into a touchdown pass in the final moments against Notre Dame, in that magical corner that would eventually be shared with the Hail Mary.

Plenty of big runs, big passes, and big wins. Countless high fives to the fans around us.

There were also some heartbreaks in that section too. The loss against Iowa in the final moments. Losing to Central Michigan in 2009 on my husband's birthday. A win felt all but guaranteed for him to celebrate.

And now, I'm hoping we'll have plenty of moments in our new section, section 6. While we won't be near the alumni we've gotten to know over the last few years, and while we won't be within sections of the band, there are a lot of perks to our new arrangement.

  1. Aisle seats. For the last three years, we've hunkered down smack dab in the middle of section 19, a corner that stretches far and wide and is impossible to navigate in a stadium full of Spartan fans. Add in bulky winter jackets, blankets and half frozen feet? Forget about it. We never got up to walk around during the games, rarely went to get drinks or food. We'd never be able to get the attention of the vendors walking up and down the aisles with that wonderful hot chocolate. So when it came time to upgrading our seats, aisle seats were a top priority. We'll be a few rows further from the field than we were in our old section, but the aisle accessibility will be so worth it. Now it's just a matter of not getting mad at all of the fans getting up throughout the games.
  2. A better vantage point. From section 19, it was never clear if we got merely a yard or the first down when the team was marching down the field away from us. The depth perception of the corner isn't that great, and oftentimes our cheers were too big or too little with each completion. Though we'll still be towards the corner in section 6, we'll be closer to the 10-15 yard line - giving a better view of all of the action. Plus, we've jumped corners to be in that magical corner of the Hail Mary and fake field goal. There's gold in that corner.
  3. Scoreboards galore! Michigan State is upgrading too - it will be difficult to remember the days of the old score boards when these new puppies are released. In section 19, we looked over our shoulders to see the large scoreboard. Now we'll have big beautiful screens on either side of us. The fact that they'll make their big debut during the night game against Boise State, when the screens will appear even more brilliant and clear, is an exciting notion.

My hopes are high for this 2012 team, although I know it will take some time for things to gel. Heck, the 2009 season had some bad losses and then the team went on to be undefeated at home the next season.

Either way, this Spartan is looking forward to a season of new experiences - from a new point of view.


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