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Coldplay Lights Up The Palace of Auburn Hills

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You have to see it to believe it, and that's why I had to record a piece of "Paradise" at The Palace of Auburn Hills. Confetti, flashing lights, LED bracelets waving in the air - is it a Cirque du Soleil performance? Nope, just Coldplay sweeping into town with their Mylo Xyloto tour.

From their Back to the Future theme opening to the wild colors filling the arena, it was clear that Coldplay is enjoying their latest incarnation of the future - and having a hell of a time playing up there.

Highlights included "In My Place," with balloons the size of giant beach balls bouncing around the crowd, dancing in the air with the thousands of pieces of confetti; the overwhelming chanting of "Viva la Vida" that swept the crowd; and pared-down versions of "Warning Sign" - a personal favorite - on the piano and an acoustic take on "Speed of Sound," performed in the middle of the crowd towards the back of The Palace.

All of the interactive, visually stimulating elements made it a showstopping spectacle instead of the typical concert.

A performance of their first hit "Yellow" was introduced as a tribute to the victims of the Aurora shooting.

As a fan of Coldplay since 2000, ever since hearing that very song and absolutely consuming their album Parachutes, it's been a thrill to see how the band has grown and evolved with each album. Although their set list spanned the years and albums, everything was cohesive and worked together to create the ultimate show.

If you're looking for a spectacle of anthem-filled alternative rock mixed in with absolutely tender moments at the hands of frontman Chris Martin at the piano, look no further than an evening with Coldplay.




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