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Loving: NBC Delayed Twitter Account

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Yesterday afternoon, my husband was scanning through Twitter when he asked me if I wanted to know the results of the women's gymnastics. 

What was the point of us even DVR-ing the tape delay if we were just going to have the results spoiled on social media?

I said I didn't want to know, and so we watched and blasted through the swim and diving events until we got to the women's gymnastics portion. I was already exhausted but I tried my best to stay away and watch what happened.

And then Jordyn Wieber didn't qualify to compete for the all-around. Something my husband knew hours before and we probably would have saved hours of watching Olympics coverage only to have such a sad, disappointing finish.

Meanwhile, earlier in the weekend, we flipped NBC on to watch live coverage and were treated to an endless stream of cyclists making their way through the London rain. Not that these athletes are any less worthy of TV time and attention, and obviously primetime ratings are the reason behind tape delaying the biggest events, but by the next Olympics something will have to change.

We're in a different world now, one where we can find out results, breaking news, the latest details at the click of a mouse or the slip of a finger on a smartphone screen.

For work, I need to stay connected to what's going on at any given time so that I can share that news with others. Had Sunday's events happened today, there's no doubt I would have sought out the results and shared them with our followers and viewers - hours before the events would unfold on TV.

The frustration with knowing the results before they are even available to watch is what has led to the genius that is the Twitter account NBCDelayed.

The parody account gives breaking news and sports updates that are on a slight delay, to say the least.

For example: BREAKING: Orville and Wilbur Wright's machine flies.

or: BREAKING: Muhammad Ali lights flame at opening ceremonies in Atlanta


This absurd and yet hilarious Twitter account is cathartic for all those who are frustrated with the tape delayed Olympic Games.

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