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Happy World Kissing Day!

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I fall right into that generation of young adults who took advantage of the development of the digital camera to take as many goofy, awkward, and sometimes wonderful self-shots with my significant other as possible. The instant gratification of a digital shot is unparalleled.

Therefore, I have hundreds of self-portraits with my husband Zack, from the time we began dating to since we've been married. And yes, a decent handful of them are of us kissing.

I wouldn't be a Gen-Yer without this history of photos.

But I'm unapologetic about it, because of days like today: World Kiss Day, where we're all invited to KISS for KISSING's sake! Because who doesn't like a good kiss?

Whether it's from a significant other, a love interest, a child, a family member, a pet, a kiss is a wonderful thing.

So kiss on, everyone. And don't feel goofy taking those self-portraits of you and someone else kissing - you'll have as much fun as I'm having going back and looking at all of the photos from over the last eight years.







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