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Remembering Nora Ephron

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There's just something so delightful, so timeless, so amusing, so smart, and so perfect about a Nora Ephron movie. When I found out last night that she passed away, I felt sad that we wouldn't be able to see another film or book project from her.

Luckily, she left a legacy of wonderful films that I will continue to enjoy throughout my lifetime. From my all-time favorite movie When Harry Met Sally... to Julie and Julia, Sleepless in Seattle, and You've Got Mail, I love Ephron's strong female leads and quirky yet honest look at love.

Her characters were witty because she was witty, and wordy.

On the first official day that my now-husband and I decided to date, we spent part of the day together watching When Harry Met Sally... and Lost in Translation. For several years after, on our dating anniversary, we watched When Harry Met Sally... together.

The clip above is one of my favorite scenes in the whole movie. That piece of dialogue alone completely showcases the wordiness of Nora Ephron that I love.

Expressions of love are never simply clear cut and short. People are talkers, and when they're nervous or happy or angry, a lot of words and emotions can come out.

Nora Ephron captured that element of people in her writing, and I'm glad that her legacy will live on in these wonderful films.

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