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Trendy Tresses: Ombré Hair Color

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ombré hair color

I've done just about everything one can do with their hair: permed it, chopped it off, grown it out, dyed it shades of red, blonde, and brown - but lately I'd been keeping it fairly natural, giving it a break from the foils and the dryers and everything else.

That was, until this past weekend. I've been hankering for a bit more light to my hair, especially in the summertime, but didn't want to go full-on highlights like I've done in the past.

Instead, I went with a trend that's been sweeping Pinterest and People Magazine for quite some time now: ombré hair color.

What I love about this look is that A) there's no need to worry about touch-ups or roots growing in, and B) it keeps the darker shade of my hair closest to my face so it's more flattering, but adds light to the ends for some contrast.

I went to RED the Salon in Birmingham, my mainstay for almost 10 years, and told Nathan exactly what I wanted (with a few Pinterest photos for inspiration, natch).

After I looked like a TV antenna / foil Rastafarian for about a half hour, my ends were toned to a warm golden brown. I love that the color isn't drastic or too two-toned, but instead it's a subtle change that is even more apparent in the sun.

Looking forward to having the sunny ombré look all summer long.


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