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 When I was a student still living in the dorms at Michigan State, I remember seeing a flyer about The Vagina Monologues and auditions that would be going on at the Union. In my mind I wanted to go for it, but I was too nervous to audition for the show.

Then my senior year, the opportunity came again.

A fellow writing classmate and friend Marissa was directing the show with her best friend Julia, and with her encouragement, I decided to go for it.

I'll never forget the auditioning process - sitting in a small room in a circle, prepping a chosen monologue from the show, surrounded by a diverse group of female students and faculty. I won't share all of the components of the audition, but let me just say that it was an immediate immersion into a world where inhibitions were removed entirely.

And shortly after the auditions, I received an email that I would a part of the Wear, Say, Smell monologues, where I helped to list the responses women gave in regards to what their vagina would wear, say, and smell like.

From the time we got back to school after the winter break to the weekend in February when we'd be performing, we practiced every Sunday for several hours, running through the entire show top to bottom. The process was a collaborative one, with all of us bringing something new to the words while still respecting the woman or women they represented.

In that time, I grew incredibly close to all of the women. Whether they had us practically peeing our pants with laughter and squeals or giving us goosebumps, the show was an all-encompassing look at all of the facets of being a woman - the good, the bad, the magnificent, the heartbreaking.

Being a part of the show felt like a wonderful way to cap off my time at Michigan State, though I only wish I had given myself the opportunity to be in the show more than once. Still, the experience has left me with a network of fellow Vagina alumnae.

The opportunity then to see The Vagina Monologues performed on the steps of the Capitol building was a wonderful way to revisit and reconnect with the show. The fact that Eve Ensler took the time to fly to Lansing and be a part of the show was the pink icing on the cake.

After my husband texted me to say that Eve was nearby, sitting to the side of the Capitol steps and politely taking photos with attendees, I made my way over there and introduced myself.

I told her that I made some of my closest friends during the show and what an impact it has had on my life and self awareness. She gave me a big kiss on the cheek, wrapped her arm about me tightly, and posed for a photo.

In what was a whirlwind day for her, flying in from California, getting the crowd revved up, and preparing to do a monologue of her own, those few seconds she took to connect with me were priceless.

It's a memory I'll hold as dear as my time as a member of The Vagina Monologues.




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