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Cute or Corny: Proposing in Public

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On Wednesday's American Idol finale, Idol alum Ace Young proposed to fellow alum Diana DeGarmo on stage.

Proposing in private makes it a special celebration with the couple, but a public proposal can be endearing. Which makes me wonder - are public proposals cute or corny?

I also recently blogged about a guy proposing to his girlfriend on stage at her graduation at American University. I loved the element of surprise and the idea that the proposal would coincide with a big event in her life.

Last night's proposal on the Idol finale was very sweet, and it made sense in a way for this couple who met because of their involvement with the show.

Yet proposing on TV in front of literally millions and millions of people seems like a bit much to me.

When I got engaged, my husband proposed to me while we were taking a walk around the grounds of Cranbrook, where I attended school for seven years. We were on our own and able to enjoy the moment together - then we rushed home to call family and friends and celebrate with others.

In the end, maybe it just comes down to the couple. For my husband, he knew what a special place Cranbrook is and that I would love having that memory made there.

For Ace Young and Diana DeGarmo, Idol is a huge part of their lives and the reason why they met. So maybe I'll give them a pass.


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