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Summer Fashion Essential: Sherbet

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Summer Essential: Sherbet


It's no secret I'm a fan of wearing a lot of color, so I'm loving that stores are carrying plenty of color-block dresses and rainbow stripes this season.

Although neon is a lot of fun and adds a punch of color, it requires pairing more of a neutral color palette with it. For instance, a hot pink bag or piece of jewelry pops best against classic white or black or even denim.

But in the summer (and year-round, really), I love being able to pair a bunch of colors together at once. And when it comes to looking for inspiration, there's nothing better than a favorite summertime treat: rainbow sherbet. I love how all of the different pastel colors go together so well, so why not put that idea in motion with an outfit?

Today I'm wearing a pale lavender ruffle skirt with a pale pink tank top and my vintage acid-washed jean jacket - very Kelly Kapowski. Instead of having one color pop, this type of outfit is more easy-going, more California beach casual.

Sherbet can also be very elegant, as in the Alice & Olivia dress pictured above.

So why not brighten up your summer and put together your own sherbet-inspired look?

Even if it's just a cute pair of two-tone flats or a splashy scarf, there's always an opportunity to fit in this summer essential.

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