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Feeling Artsy - Flower Ceramic Bowls

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I am currently enrolled in my second six-week session of ceramics classes at Art Unlimited in Okemos.

In the first session, I focused on throwing pieces on the potter's wheel, something I had learned in high school but hadn't done since. I ended up with a small assortment of pieces that turned out OK, but they didn't have a lot of design elements or size to them.

In this second session, I'm focusing on hand-building. I created a fox sculpture that I'll post photos of when it is glazed and fired. And last night we learned a technique using a thick form of slip, also known as liquid clay.

In other demonstrations, our instructor Pamela showed us ways to use colored slip as a decorative element, but I wasn't very interested in it. Last night though, Pamela showed us how to use thicker slip, the consistency of pudding, to create wonderful, dimensional elements in our work.

I especially loved how one of her demonstration pieces had a petal-like pattern to it, and I set about mimicking it as much as I could.

I also loved this technique because I could roll out my clay, place it in a mold, and do the decorative slip portion all at once - no dry time necessary. And by being able to leave the pieces in the molds, the slip didn't warp the shape of the pieces.

I hope to create many more of these pieces in my final sessions at Art Unlimited. I think the floral pattern is gorgeous and they'll make for such fun gifts.


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